Easton Hill intersection to shut down next week

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Many of you have been waiting to know when a major intersection in Morgantown will be shut down.

The intersection of Point Marion and Cheat Roads at Easton Hill will shut down on July 28 at 11:59 p.m. This will be shut down for 14 days as part of an ongoing construction project.

During Wednesday morning's Monongalia County Commission meeting, officials expressed concern about how that might impact WVU's move-in weekend.

DOH District 4 Manager Don Williams explained the shut down process.

"It's really a re-alignment of the whole intersection, which we think will be significantly substantial in terms of helping with the traffic flow in that area," Williams said.

Some in the community knew this was coming, and already begun planning.

"I started recently going home a different route just to get used to it," said Kevin Amos. "The route that I normally go home is currently backed up pretty badly."

"With move-in weekend coming in and football season coming up, traffic is going to be a mess," said Cody Williams.

The goal is to have it shut down for 14 days. One of the main priorities from the beginning has been to get it finished before students return to WVU. When the date was announced on Wednesday afternoon, it left many concerned about that.

"It is only 14 days so I just hope the public understands that in the end, the end result is going to be so much better," said Monongalia County Commissioner Tom Bloom.

"The goal was to have the intersection open before the start of the school year at WVU, and we're going to be pushing that very closely," Williams said.

You can see documents from the DOH, including maps of the project and detours under Related Documents.

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