The Eldora Reunion in Fairmont welcomes eight new inductees in the Hall of Fame

A lot of people brought their own cars to show off at the reunion

The Eldora Racetrack Reunion and Hall of Fame was held today in Fairmont.

"The Muscle Car Mafia" puts on the event to recognize and appreciate the former drivers that started the muscle car hobby in Marion County.

Car enthusiasts from all over came to Wade's Garage to show off their cars and to honor the eight inductees.

Many say that it is a great experience to see their idols and mentors be inducted in the hall of fame.

"Probably one of the best days of my life. I couldn't think of anything I would rather see happen," said one of the and inductees from 2016.

This was the 15th year the reunion and hall of fame induction has happened in Fairmont. For more information visit Eldora Raceway/Fairmont Dragway's facebook.