Election latest at the end of candidate filing

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 11:24 PM EST
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The end draws near for filing for office in Buckhannon. By Saturday, Jan. 25, residents will know all of their candidates.

The mayor and recorder positions are open as well as three council seats.

There are three candidates running for mayor, Robbie Skinner, Mike Bodnar, and current mayor David McCauley.

Current appointed city recorder Randy Sanders competes against one opponent for the 2020 seat.

"Well I've learned very quickly it's a very intense position. You have to attend so many meetings beyond city council ," says Sanders.

The biggest competition will be in the council seats with eight candidates running and three seats open.

Newcomer Matt Kerner is optimistic, even if it means competition.

"I think almost everybody running in on the side of making this a better community and making this a more inclusive community," says Kerner.

"There's a lot of ways the city can win in this election."

Voters already know what issues to listen for in elections.

"There's been some discussion lately about expanding the water project," says voter and lifelong resident Elissa Linger Mills.

"I also know that in the past the LGBTQ issue is and was a major topic."

One notable candidate, 18-year-old Asad Khan, completed his pre-file paper work but decided not to run.

Khan made history on Dec. 20 as the first Muslim to ever run in Buckhannon.

In an official statement on his campaign Facebook page, the decision was due to "childish attacks, misinformation, slanderous articles, and personal threats."

"I'm sure he would have brought a lot of things to the table that would have been interesting to discuss and to hear, so I look forward to getting to know him better. I'm sure he has a future in politics" says Sanders.

Early voting begins April 29. The election is May 12.

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