"Elkins, Make it Quiet!" petition aims to quiet Hamer Pellet Fuel mill in Elkins

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va The grassroots group known as "Elkins, Make it Quiet!" sent their petition, containing over 100 signatures, to the Hamer Pellet Fuel Company headquarters in Kenova, West Virginia in September. Since then, they have continued their drive to reduce the noise pollution in Elkins.

Katy McClane says she and her organization are preparing to bring the petition to city council.

"Even though the Hamer, what you'll call it pump, meets the decibel standards. The sound travels up into neighborhoods like mine and really affects us. Especially at night because you can hear kind of a manufacturing hum that just doesn't stop. It is all night, every night. They take Sunday off. You can't sleep," said Katy McClane, the founder of the organization.

The mill is on the south side of Elkins and is surrounded by similar industrial services.

According to a press release by the organization, they met with the Elkins plant manager to discuss the noise complaints, but that meeting had "little result."

McClane assured she does not want the plant to close down, but rather, for Hamer to install sound enclosures around the parts of the plant that generate the most noise.