Elkins residents raise concern over brown tap water

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- "I started noticing it when I got up and started making my wife coffee and it looked like I had already started making it right out of the tap," said David Green, an Elkins resident.

Elkins residents say they have seen this issue since June

Green is not the only resident who has had this issue.

"The last five or six months, we have been having brown water," said Melissa Anello.. "You can't feed your dogs, you can't cook with it, you can't wash your clothes. We are buying water, but yet, we are paying for water."

According to Elkins Operations Manager Bob Pingley, this discoloration comes from the old pipe systems.

"It's old cast-iron pipes. They tend to corrode on the inside, so it is rust and minerals in there," said Pingley.

He says the city has already made steps towards fixing the issues through corrosion inhibitors.

"We have had some success, but it has not been as successful as we would have liked," said Pingley.

According to Pingley, the city flushed the pipes weeks ago, and is considering flushing the pipes again.

"When we flush, it does disrupt the system. There's some short term pain to get through. It causes some problems," said Pingley.

But residents say that as the brown water continues it is causing unneeded stress.

"They are taking what little extra money that they might have, for whatever reason, and having to go buy water once again from the local stores here in town," said Green.

Despite the discoloration, Pingley assures the water is safe to drink.

"It is safe, it is not, maybe, appealing. But I want to assure everybody that the water is safe," said Pingley.

He urges anyone that is having issues with brown water, to contact the Operations Department of Elkins City Hall and leave their name, number and location to better assess where the problem areas are.