Embracing gray hair

MOMSEVERYDAY -- Many of us will go gray eventually-some sooner than others-and while it’s common for women to color their hair, many are deciding to ditch the dye and embrace their silver tone.

Writer and content creator Rebecca Regnier wrote a column about her decision to go gray, and she says it was the most commented one she’s written. In her opinion, women are clamoring for information on how to embrace their gray, grow it out naturally and wear it confidently.

"I have found some voices, some people, some facebook pages, some youtube channels, but there are very few of them," Rebecca says.

She says there are several ways to embrace your gray, but the first step is to work with your stylist. You may also want to update your makeup to reflect your new hair color. Embracing your gray is just another way for women to do the things that make them feel confident and authentic.