Experts offer advice on activities for kids during winter months

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Wintertime means the kids are outside less with fewer ways to work off their youthful energy. What's a mom to do?

MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins talked with the experts at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital for some suggestions.

Melissa: Having kids inside a lot during winter can cause things to get really tense. I'm here with Leesa Jackson...program manager of the children's unit at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital. Leesa...what do we do...especially with behavioral issues...being stuck in the do we handle it...what do you do when you're punishing your child?

Leesa: You might just see some opposition...or refusing authority...things like that. Not wanting to do what you've asked of them. The thing want to feel that they belong...they want to feel important. So really taking the time to interact with your children and making it a point to mention their positive attributes. Because a lot of times we're telling them what they're doing wrong and what they need to correct. We also need to be telling them what they're doing right and what they're good at.

Melissa: I really love that. I try to say "no" as little as possible so when I do use means something. But my son's two and he does things that can get himself hurt. How do I find an appropriate punishment or an appropriate way to know you're not going to do this anymore and get hurt?

Leesa: The key thing in all that I feel is to really explain it to them. Why you're telling them no. Simply just telling somebody "no" without explaining can cause a lot of frustrations. So explaining to your child why you don't want them to do something imparticular because for fear they could get hurt or something could get broken. Really explaining to them is key.

Melissa: I love that. How can I get in touch with you for help?

Leesa: You can contact our main number which is 304-969-3100 or visit our social media website and get more information through that.

Melissa: Thank you so much.

Leesa: You're very welcome.

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