FBI Police Officers share experiences investigating 9/11 attacks with local first responders

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GRAFTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Two FBI police officers from West Virginia who helped investigate the 9/11 terrorist attacks shared their experiences with a group of local first responders.

FBI Police officers share their experiences investigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Wednesday in Grafton.

The Rotary Club of Grafton hosted the 9/11 Remembrance Service Wednesday at the International Mother's Day Shrine.

The officers, Lt. Tim Henry of Morgantown and Sgt. Danny Khris Johnston of Buckhannon, spoke to a crowd that featured representation from every police, fire and EMS agency in Taylor County.

"It was very telling to watch two men who had been there and the compassion they feel," said Grafton Police Officer Cole Durrett.

Henry and Johnston were assigned to the FBI Police Unit Security Division.

All of the first responders were recognized and given certificates of appreciation during the service.