Multi-million dollar grant to expand broadband access in Taylor County

TAYLOR COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - "In this day and age having access to highspeed internet needs to be as common as having access to common water supply,"

In a press release from the The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) it was announced that the company "Citynet West Virginia" will receive over six million dollars across the next ten years to expand broadband to approximately 898 homes and businesses.

One area listed as being impacted is Taylor county with over 500 homes and businesses expected to gain access over the next 10 years.

Small business owner Tom Hart, say this change is essential to connecting their town to the rest of the state.

"Given the fact that we do not have a four-lane highway rolling through our community, access to the information superhighway is critical to us from an economic standpoint,"

Hart says a lot of small business in the area are artist who he says would benefit largely from this upgrade.

"With having access to markets beyond our county boundaries, by using the internet and ecommerce to market their wares,"

Outside of work, hart says the current internet access from his home is far from ideal.

"We live 5 miles out of town, our only option is to utilize satellite internet, and it's horrible,"

Hart says this form of internet access is not only inconvenient, but also expensive

"The speed of things is just awful, so you can't do anything," Hart said "And we're paying, what I consider and exuberant price for it,"

But with this grant funding broadband expansion, hart hopes to see his town and the county catch up with modern day technology.

"We need to get it done, so that we can join the 21st century,"