FRMC holds free health screening for community

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MARION COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - As part of its "Caring For Our Community" program, Fairmont Regional Medical Center hosted a free health screening Friday.

"It's a way to be proactive about your health," said Tricia Julian, program coordinator for Oncology Services at FRMC. "You can't do anything about health issues if you don't know what the numbers are."

Vendors and staff offered screenings that measure blood pressure, A1C and lipids, and bone density.

The event also served as an educational opportunity, as vendors informed community members about nutrition tips and recipes for people battling diabetes. They also provided materials about the correlation between cancer and obesity.

"The population that comes to these most are 60 and older," Julian said. "People at that age tend to get more of a focus on their health. But we welcome everyone to these events. It's very important for young people to start out at an early age by watching these numbers."

Events like these are held each quarter. Future sessions will center around mental health, COPD, and women's health.

In the extended interview above, Julian urges people to educate themselves on the links between cancer and obesity.