FSU student prepares to bike across America for MS

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Jayce Riley is by no means an avid cyclist.

"I didn't even have a bike until this Sunday. I probably haven't even rode a bike for five or six years," said Riley.

But that is about to change. Riley is set to bike across America to support multiple sclerosis research. The cause is near to his heart after his mother passed away from the condition four years ago.

"During those years we saw a lot of up's and a lot of down's really. Then I got a call from my cousin one day and she told me she was biking across America. Before I had no idea about it and then when she said it I thought it would be an awesome idea," said Riley.

The journey will start in Yorktown, Virginia on June 1 and end in San Francisco, California on August 1.

"I'm most looking forward to getting to meet the people. Along the way we get to do a lot of outreach to the people that have MS. We get to help them and hear their stories. It's nice to talk to people who have went through similar stories that I have," said Riley.

Riley has been training on stationary bikes at Fairmont State. Now that he received his own bike this week, his goal is to ride over 500 miles before the trip.

"We have to go through the Rockies in Colorado, so I feel like that is going to be a real leg workout those two days," said Riley.

He said he is excited to see the different sights along the way, but more importantly he hopes his ride will raise awareness.

"There is not a lot that has been done for MS. You see a lot of cancer research stuff, millions of billions of dollars going to that. MS is just like that one thing that doesn't have a tremendous amount of funding," said Riley.

Riley still needs a lot of equipment including a tent, helmet, lights, and camping supplies.

He has donation jars set up at the Fairmont and Bridgeport Hermosilla's Deli Markets to help him raise funds. You can also find links to donate to Bike the U.S. for MS by clicking the Related Links tab to your right

Riley plans to document his journey by posting pictures to his Facebook page.