FSU students feel anxiety, stress during final exams

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- It's that time of the year again when students are hitting the books and loading up on caffeine.

"I had a final at 8:00 a.m. on Monday so I was super stressed the night before and stayed up late, but I think I did pretty good on it," said Taylor Mihn.

For many students, final exams have become more of a regular routine.

"My week has been good. Its been pretty calm, which is weird for me because the first two semesters I was here it was stressful. Most of my finals now are projects, they are not actual tests. I'm pretty thankful for that because I do better on the projects than I do on the tests," said James Shafer.

For freshman, it's just the opposite.

"It's different because it counts as a big percentage of your grade. They don't really do that in high school. It's usually all spread out. This was like a third of my grade, so that is kind of a culture shock I guess, but it's not too bad," said Koda Hedrick.

For foreign exchange students, the experience is also new.

"I haven't faced it before and it's really stressful, personally for foreign exchange students. They don't really speak the language and it's not our first language, so it's a struggle. My professor is really nice and they really want to see us succeed," said Delgado Valer.

Along with multiple tests, other students said the worries of tuition and work all factor into their level of stress.

"So far its been pretty stressful with having to study and work at the same time," said Taylor Espy.

At the end, they all share one emotion.

"Relieved and ready to go home for break," said Hedrick.

"Relief, so much relief," said Espy and Mihn.

Final exams started on campus Monday and continue until the end of the week.