Facility in Grafton offering new ways to get dialysis treatment

Published: May. 9, 2017 at 5:37 PM EDT
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It's no secret our state rarely tops any lists when it comes to good health.

One growing concern is dialysis. But, some new technology may be able to help those who require this kind of treatment.

Fresenius Kidney Care in Grafton is offering those new treatments.

They offered an open house Tuesday to view some of the new technology.

When we spoke to an official we asked him what are some of the newest things out there and how is it going to help patients? He told us one of the highlights is new treatments that will allow patients to treat themselves from the comfort of their homes.

"Our patients do have the option to do peritoneal dialysis in their home. It runs through a cycler through the night, so their day isn't interrupted by dialysis," said David Ferguson, Director of Operations, Morgantown Area Fresenius Care. "They also have a daytime peritoneal dialysis and we have daytime and nocturnal hemodialysis that can be done in the home."

But, we also asked why this is a growing concern in our state? Another official we talked with chalked it up to diabetes being very prevalent in the Mountain State.

"I see in the long run, probably. Especially with the higher instance of diabetes, high blood pressure, those are the two major causes of kidney failure and needing dialysis," said Rebecka Knotts, the Clinical Manager.