Law enforcement warn locals about the possible dangers of the "Bird Box" challenge

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FAIRMONT, W. Va. (WDTV) - More than 45 million Netflix accounts watched the movie "Bird Box" since its release and it's causing quite a frenzy around town.

In the movie, Sandra Bullock is tormented by evil creatures, and whoever sees it, makes them suicidal. So in order to survive, her character and her children wear blindfolds, in order to make a safe escape.

And some blindfolded copycats have popped on social media.

On Wednesday, Netflix tweeted in all caps, "Please do not hurt yourselves with this bird box challenge." It also cautioned fans to "Not end up in the hospital..."

"I would obviously advise against it," said Fairmont Police Officer Richard Babich.

Locally, the Fairmont Police Department is doing the same, posting on their own Facebook page a warning saying "Bird Box challenge. Please don't."

While they say, they luckily have not received any reports of accidents from anyone doing this challenge, they still warn parents to be careful before something goes wrong.

"There's like a 12 second video of someone driving. obviously if you were driving doing that, and it's being recorded, not only will you wreck your car costing yourself money but you can injure someone, you can kill someone, you can injure yourself, or kill a loved one," he said.

They hope this fad will just fade away, like other known challenges which include the recent "In my feeling" -- Kiki challenge or eating tie pods all for for 5 seconds of fame.

"Challenges like that, unfortunately if you're there to supervise your kids, be a parent, pay attention to them, you wouldn't let them watch stupid stuff like that.," said Officer Babich.