Fairmont State University's new president gives first "State of the Institution" address

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Fairmont State University welcomed their new president, Dr. Mirta Martin, today as she addressed faculty and staff at her first "State of the Institution" address.

This event marks the official start of her presidency at the University, and her speech focused on three goals: increasing enrollment, retention, and fundraising. Faculty and staff are brought together to hear about President Martin's goals and ideas to kick off the spring semester. One of her main goals is to increase enrollment from the 2016 numbers by 8% by the August 2018. She hopes to enroll students not only from West Virginia, but from other states and internationally as well.

"Our program, our people, our culture, our nurturing environment, the rigor of our curricula, is exactly what the students of West Virginia deserve and what industries say that they need" says Fairmont State University President, Dr. Mirta Martin.

Several other faculty members spoke at the address as well. All of them shared the same focus; how to recruit more students while lowering the cost of tuition. This is the first time in recent years that a Fairmont State University President has given a "State of the Institution" address, and staff and faculty members are hopeful for what President Martin will do to help Fairmont State change for the better in the future.

"When she first got here, as I understand that, she stayed in the residents halls with the students and I think when you, as a leader place yourself in the middle of a community, you get to know the people that are around you and she let people know that she was listening and that she heard them" says the Director of Destination Education Program at Fairmont State University Carol Tannous.