Fairmont State reveals new solar panels

FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) -- Part of Fairmont State has a new look to it.

New solar panels were recently installed in the center of campus, but one expert there said they hope to continue to spread these around campus. The expert said one of the benefits is simply using a natural resources instead of other, sometimes expensive options.

"Hopefully this is just the first installation, but there will be many more to come," said Don Trisel, the dean of the science and technology department at Fairmont State. "Anything we can do to lower the cost of heating and cooling will definitely have an impact on the bottom line. The payoff should be in about eight years or so, these will have fully paid for themselves."

How was this possible? This came as part of a grant from an outside company. Additions like this not only help the university save money, but they'll also present valuable out of the classroom opportunities for students.

"We really rely on our corporate partnerships and community partnerships to help us to provide that cutting edge of education, and to provide these research opportunities for our students," said Amantha Cole, the Director of Funding and Grants at Fairmont State.

We spoke with one professor in the engineering technology department who said for his students, this could be a very beneficial addition.

"From my point of view, I can do research with them," said Musat Crihalmeanu, a professor of electronics at Fairmont State. "I can show students, and I'm sure students would enjoy having these panels for senior projects. We can even probably open a sort of club of alternative energies."