Fairmont State students frustrated with parking scenario

Published: Sep. 7, 2016 at 7:02 PM EDT
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Now that students are a few weeks into the fall semester at Fairmont State, some tell 5 News they're frustrated with the lack of parking.

However, campus police feels there might be an answer to those problems. They feel it's not exactly the most convenient, but there are still enough spaces. Chief Jack Clayton says if students are having trouble with parking, they still need to follow all rules and signs.

"We've had a sizable construction project that's been underway for the past year," said Chief Jack Clayton. "We actually added additional parking on Locust Avenue and near the football field and tennis courts, kind of overflow parking."

Some students say they're simply having problems finding parking spaces, especially since a large part of the student population commutes to Fairmont State. Even though the semester is still at the beginning stages, it's leading to concerns.

"If there are, they're far from where I have to be, which is really inconvenient if you're running behind," said Johnathon Scales.

"It's a concern because I just fear that being late so many times and getting kicked out of your class for that," said Trevor Heinzman, a freshman.

"Once you get around to 10 to 12 o'clock there's really nowhere because that's peak hours, so it's just tough and makes you late to class and just kind of stresses you out a little bit," said Gage Hannah.

"Sometimes people they even park over the line and some cars they can't even fit in those spots and my truck can only fit in so many places," said Logan Orton

Although police understand the frustration, everyone still needs to follow the rules.

"When parking is a shortage and there's a lot of congestion on campus, we have a lot more folks who are inclined to take liberties with parking in areas they shouldn't," Clayton said. "Handicapped or disabled parking areas are some of the first that get abused."

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