Fairmont State students staying away from certain streets

Published: Aug. 22, 2016 at 6:06 PM EDT
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With students back at Fairmont State, some recently told 5 News they try to avoid certain areas near campus because they feel they aren't that safe -- especially at night.

They're particularly concerned about the stretch between Fairmont State and Downtown Fairmont.

"On campus, I always feel pretty safe especially like at night because I have evening classes," said Anna Bissett, a sophomore at FSU. "Campus police is pretty close by. When you get off campus, it gets kind of nervous, like Locust Avenue."

One of their concerns is the lack of lighting on the streets, and they especially try to avoid these areas while walking at night.

"If there's nothing good going on there, I just try to stay away from it," said Logan Orton, a sophomore. "I try to stay in the good part of town."

This is still an area, even though it's off campus, that campus police feel is important to watch.

"You know we're cognizant of where our students are living for the most part," said FSU Police Chief Jack Clayton. "We do try to make ourselves available. We work mutually with the Fairmont City Police Department. When we're aware of problems or potential problems in some of those areas, we do assist the city PD with providing some extra patrol services."

Still, they want students to be eyes and ears, and to let them know if there's something that should be addressed.

"Probably the areas we hear the most about are walking on Locust Avenue toward the downtown area," Chief Clayton said. "Late at night the nature of the community changes a little bit, there's more pedestrian traffic, there's more vehicular traffic that tends to frighten some folks."

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