Fairmont bridge hotspot for drug activity, homelessness

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - "It's an ongoing problem, and it's gotten much worse over the years,"

Aaron Ashley is the owner of Fairmont Building and Investment Company-located right next to mid-city bridge, which he says is a hot spot for drug activity.

" We've had to go to the extent of training our staff on how to handle drug needles, sharps, blood," Ashley said

And the damage extends beyond the underside of the bridge.

"We clean up six 55-gallon bags out of parking lot, on an average week,"

Bags full of things like dirty clothes, litter, and used needles

Ashley says the city works with him to try to keep the growing problem in check.

"Chief Shine over at the Fairmont police department has been excellent to work with," Ashley said "He's done everything within his power to help out,"

In addition, city maintenance crews come once a month to help clean up.

But the drug use and homelessness is a problem Ashley says he sees not just by his building but throughout the city.

"It's not just at the Adams street, mid-city bridge- it's throughout Fairmont,"

Despite the help of city officials, the problem remains.

But Ashley hopes that by raising awareness the city will be able to come up with more resources to fight the epidemic.

"Anything would be better than nothing, and at this time I think we have almost nothing,"