Fairmont holds first annual "Back to School Bash"

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Marion County.W.Va (WDTV) Fairmont Senior High School had their first annual back to school bash Sunday with unexpected success.

Only planned a few weeks ago, and put together by 3 main people, the idea began with one hairdresser wanting to set up a free haircut station for kids.

From there, they added bags of school supplies and asked local residents for old clothing donations.

However they had expected only a handful of families to show up.

Director and Coordinator, Katlyn Wilt could not believe how many people showed up. She said they ran out of bags containing school supplies within the first few minutes of opening.

"We really thought 80 bags was shooting high, and we were completely wrong, because like i said there was 100 people in the first 30 minutes. Before it even started we had people waiting outside and we said this is going to be big", said Wilt.

The volunteers from the event say there will definitely be a bash held next year and they hope it'll be even bigger than this one.