Fairmont woman accused of identity theft

Nicole Mccaulley was arrested and charged with forgery, identity theft, uttering and forgery of public record, certificate. (Source: North Central Regional Jail)
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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- A Fairmont woman was arrested after deputies say she stole the identity of another person.

On the night of Oct. 12, deputies pulled over a car in the parking lot of the Farmington Family Dollar.

Deputies say they spoke with a woman. The woman gave them a name.

The woman was arrested.

During the processing period, she told deputies she had serious medical conditions and needed to get checked out at the hospital.

A citation was given to the woman, deputies say. She signed the citation with the name she gave deputies.

Two days after the incident, deputies were contacted by a woman. The woman said the woman they arrested that night was Nicole Mccaulley.

The victim told deputies that Mccaulley gave them her name because Mccaulley had a revoked drivers license and a warrant out for her arrest.

Deputies confirmed that Mccaulley was the woman they arrested. They were able to identify Mccaulley based off of a photo they got from social media.

Deputies were contacted by the financial department at Fairmont Regional Medical Center.

The department said the victim contacted their office saying her name was given to the hospital during a visit, but she was not the woman that gave the hospital the information.

On the night Mccaulley was pulled over, she was released by EMS to go to the hospital, according to the criminal complaint. Mccaulley gave the staff the name of the victim, creating medical bills in that name rather than her own.

The financial department provided a copy of the financial agreement consent form signed by Mccaulley as the victim.

Deputies say it was determined that Mccaulley intentionally forged the victim's name on public records.

It was also determined Mccaulley took the victim's information to obtain medical treatment and forged the victim's signature on the financial agreement consent form at Fairmont Regional Medical Center, according to deputies.

Mccaulley has been charged with forgery, identity theft, uttering and forgery of public record, certificate. She is being held at North Central Regional Jail.