Fairmont woman charged after toddler found 'emaciated'

MARION COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- A Fairmont woman is behind bars after a child was found "emaciated" in her home.

According to the criminal complaint, an investigation took place after an anonymous referral was filed saying that 28-year-old Brittany Lippencott was selling drugs with children in the home. When they first arrived, a person answered the door and said that no one else was home. However, officers could see Lippencott in the home while speaking to the person. The officers then began a search of the home.

Officials say that while searching the home, a toddler was found locked in one of the rooms. They say the toddler was in their underwear and appeared emaciated, with their ribs clearly seen. A later examination of the toddler, found injuries on several parts of their body, including their genitalia. When questioned about the injuries on their genitalia, the toddler told medical professionals that Lippencott had done it with pliers. The toddler also said that they were not allowed to eat with the others in the home because it was not their "turn."

Officials say drug paraphernalia was also found in the home. They say Lippencott told police that she had noticed the toddler had issues last October but had not taken them to the doctor. She also said that she had locked the toddler in their room occasionally at night, but would mostly do it during the day.

Lippincott is charged with child neglect creating risk of serious injury or death.