Police: Child at risk of being hit with baseball bat during fight, Fairmont woman charged with child neglect

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- A Fairmont woman was arrested after police said she was involved in a fight in front of a child while under the influence.

Police said the fight included, "knee strikes, slaps, shoving and strikes with a baseball bat."

Police responded to a domestic call last month at the Oakwood Mobile Home Park, according to the criminal complaint, where they said they found signs that Amy Lesson, 26, got into a fight with another man.

They said both had injuries "consistent with mutual combat."

The child was in the same area when the fight happened, police said, and was at "immediate risk of being struck with the baseball bat."

Investigators also allegedly found methamphetamine at the home in the reach of the child. They also said Lesson was under the influence of meth while she was carrying for the child.

Lesson was charged with child neglect risking serious bodily injury.