Fairmont woman charged with child neglect for sleeping while leaving child unsupervised at playground

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- A woman from Fairmont was arrested after police were called to the Monongah Heights apartments for a well-being check on a child who was walking around unsupervised.

Police said a woman called the police when she saw a four-year-old child behind the apartments who said "he needed help finding mommy," according to the criminal complaint.

Police found the child's mother, Tonya Cain, 48, who said she left the child unsupervised for ten minutes. She also said she was allowing the child more freedom outside to go to the playground on his own. Cain told police she was "inside at the time of the incident and the two other female parties at the residence were sleeping," the criminal complaint said.

Police said, however, the view from the apartments to the playground is obstructed by a large tree. It's also 50 yards from the apartment and 75 yards from the main road of Manly Chapel/Industrial Park Road, the criminal complaint said.

Investigators determined the child had a "gross risk of going into the road and getting hit or abducted," court documents said.

Cain was charged with child neglect risking injury.