Fairview council holds town meeting to discuss ongoing water issue

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MARION COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Everyone who attended Tuesday night's town meeting wanted answers and confirmations about the town's water issue.

According to residents, the water in their homes, schools and throughout the majority of the town is not safe.

"We don't have clean water and its beyond a boil water advisory," said Fairmont resident, Angel Triplett.

At the start of the meeting, the council explained to the audience the exact reasoning behind the foul water with the help of officials from the Marion County Health Department and the Dunn Engineers Inc. company.

The officials said the water level in a storage tank became very low, which led to sediment getting into the water.

They also spoke of a water pump that went down.

After, they opened the floor to those in attendance.

Resident David Luton was the first to speak and said his concerns lie with where the money to fix the issue will come from.

"Being a small town as we are you don't have the money coming in to really get into a big fix," said Luton. "You need someone to be a grant writer."

Triplett says she mostly fears for her children.

"They have open cuts on their body. I mean their kids, brushing their teeth, basic things, somebody's gonna get sick, I mean this is a problem," said Triplett.

Fairview's Mayor Brian Shuck says he feels a lot of was accomplished at the meeting.

"I assure everybody we are working around the clock to correct the problem," said Shuck. "No one should feel that anything was held back from them."

For residents like Triplett however, she just hopes the council knows what they're doing.

"I hope they have a clear cut plan on how this is going to be fixed," said Triplett