Family seeking justice for Philip 'Bucky' Barlow's death investigation

PRESTON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV)-- Over a month ago Phillip "Bucky" Barlow went missing. The local Volunteer Fire Department, law enforcement and family members banned together to find him.

10 days later his body was found in a creek and his truck left on the side of the road burnt.

"He was just one of the guys. One of the brothers," said brother, Everett Barlow.

Since his discovery, his brothers Everett and Michael, alongside other family members, have been seeking justice and answers.

"We haven't heard anything since we found his body," said Everett Barlow.

Police say they've interview dozens of people and have performed polygraph exams. However, no arrests have been made, but they say aspects of the investigation are suspicious.

"We're investigating a death and it had some susipicious circumstances around it," said Paul Pritt the Chief Deputy of the Preston County Sheriff's Office.

Barlow's brothers say since his death his garage was broken into making the grieving process even more difficult.

"He couldn't have been gone too long and they had to start messing with his buildings already," said his other brother, Michael Barlow.

Police say there has been a report filed regarding this incident, but that they don't have evidence that anything was stolen. Chief Pritt says he suspects that posts on social media are putting it out to the public that no one is at his house anymore.

"All of the information out there that he's passed and he's not there anymore has maybe made that residence a potential target."

"I know there is somebody out there that knows something about it. We'd appreciate if they'd come forward with information," said Michael Barlow.

Since the investigation began, several deputies have been working on the case full time.

"We've had outside agencies, the State Police, the medical examiner's office and some others that have been involved with the investigation," said Pritt.

Bucky's family says now, while they wait for answers, they're on high alert.

"We're more on alert because of what went on. We're kind of watching more than we probably ever would," said Everett Barlow.

"We want some answers and we're not going to stop until we get our answers," said Pritt.

Police and Barlow's family ask for anyone to step forward if they have any surveillance footage or evidence that might assist in the investigation.