Frigid winter impacts local farmers

Published: Jan. 14, 2018 at 5:34 PM EST
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For 10 years, the Bridgeport Farmer's Market has introduced hundreds of local vendors and growers to the community. Their goal has always been to help cultivate local economy and maintain a healthy standard of consumption for their customers.

Another staple of the popular outdoor weekend event is providing local artists, musicians, and chefs a platform to share their talents and entertain guests.

From spring into late summer, the Farmers Market reals in thousands of locals. Then, the weather gets too cold for many vendors and farmers to grow some of the fruits and foods they sold so much of in the previous warmer months.

Fortunately, the Bridgeport Farmers Market sets up special dates throughout the winter for certain vendors to return and continue sharing their products with the public. After all, they do rank #14 in the U.S. for their support of local food producers. But how does this effect the local economy? We spoke with a couple vendors to find out.

“Well, we love to eat it too. So that’s not hard. It’s nice to take home to friends and family, too, anything that doesn’t sell. The winters farmers market has always been good to us, as well. We just kind of take the crowd into account and the weather into account. So today we knew it would probably be a little bit slower so we always try to bake based on that, said, Annie Williams of This & That.

“I feel like we do the most in the summertime. We have a big variety of everything out of the garden. “ said Charlie Radabaugh.

With only around 20 vendors at Sundays Market, it doesn't compete in crowd size with the summer market which draws up to 50 vendors some Sundays.

Board member Heidi Nawrocki says, “Usually it drops off a little bit in the winter because obviously there’s not a lot of fresh produce. The winter market we have a lot of our meat vendors and a lot of artisans come out in the winter. “

However, it's still very important for the community to support the market year round.

Board member Heidi explained why.

“Farmers Markets are really good incubators for small businesses. So that’s why it’s important we support them year-round. It gives them exposure all year and allows them to grow their businesses,” she says.

The next market locals can look forward to is the February 11th market, always held the second Sunday of the month.