Fighting the winter blues

MOMSEVERYDAY -- Fighting the winter blahs? Today we're getting some ideas for some mood-boosting energy.

Healthyhairdresseraddie blogger Addie Graffin: "Winter can bring us down a little bit so I just try to find little things that can make you happy."

MomsEveryday Executive Producer Pam Tauscher: "All right, what are your secret recipes?"

Addie: "So my favorite thing to do right now is the essential oil burner, with eucalyptus or peppermint and then I'm also loving tea this time of year. And drinking it out of a fancy cup just makes me feel very European."

Pam: "It lifts your spirits."

Addie: "Yeah. Yes, totally."

Pam: "I love that and tea... you can have no caffeine tea so you can have it anytime."

Addie: "Yeah, there's a special bedtime one, soothing caramel, which can actually curb your appetite if you want a snack.

Pam: "Ah ha – good to know. And what is this?"

Addie: "And we have this awesome foam roller. It's like a massage when you can't get to a masseuse, and you can just lie on the ground and roll it up and down your back or set it on your feet – and it feels amazing