Five years since the disappearance of Aliayah Lunsford

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Today marks five years since Aliayah Lunsford went missing. Aliayah was just three years old at the time of her disappearance and today dozens of people came out to show their supports in this ongoing case.

On the date of Aliayah disappearance she was last seen in her Lewis County bed where she was suffering from flu like symptoms. When her mother went to go check up on her at 9am she was gone.

Tonight as many gathered right here at the Jacksons Mill Baptist Church for a candlelight vigil, many are praying for some answers.

Vicki Bowen, Aliayah's Great Aunt says, "Its been five years were prepared for whatever it is but we need to know whatever it is. When Lea first came out missing I would go to the stores, every single store I would go into there would be a flyer. They're not there now, I'm going to make sure that they are there. But we need to keep it put there we need, announce it in church, we need to announce it at public meetings you know. Lewis County is missing a child, it could be your child."

And even though we are remembering such a tragedy today the community of Weston even five years later has still continued to show a countless amount of support for Aliayha.

Vicki Bowen continues to say, "I am very thankful for all of the community that came out tonight. You know it just shows you that Aliayah is not forgotten that there is people that care, there are people that worry and pray, that wonder that need answers."

Bill Coffindaffer says, "Its just so sad we live in a society where it takes tragedy to bring families and communities together, to help on another, to support one another is something that we need to be doing all the time instead of just when tragedy strikes. and when there is great grief. We just need to do it all the time instead of just when tragedy happens."

If you have any information regarding this case, you're urged to call police or The Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST.