Severe Weather Awareness Week: Flash Flooding

Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 12:00 AM EDT
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Flash Flooding is a weather threat that occurs most often across the United States. There are a few different reasons flooding may occur but the most common would be from significant rainfall during a short period of time.

When a Flash Flood Watch is initiated, that means that conditions are favorable for flooding across the highlighted areas, usually covering a large regional area.

A Flash Flood Warning means that flooding is already occurring or about to occur and you should seek higher ground immediately. Flash flooding may also be due to broken levees or dams.

It only takes six inches of water to sweep an adult off of their feet and about two feet of water to wash away your vehicle.

You should never attempt to drive through flooded roadways as you do not know the true depth of the flooded waters, even in an area you are familiar with. Roads can be washed away and beneath the water may be debris, glass, trash or downed power lines with an electric charge.

If you are trapped in your vehicle, you should attempt to move to the roof of your car if the water is not moving quickly and wait until you can recieve help.

After the flood event, do not allow children to play in flooded waters and make sure you follow the CDC guidelines for cleanup.