Florida teachers show support for school service personnel

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Many students and local residents have shown tremendous support for teachers and other school service personnel throughout their strike, but now support is coming in all the way from Florida.

Teachers from Coral Gables Senior High School in Miami-Dade County Florida sent a donation of Domino's Pizza to some Lewis County strikers today. They write, "Fifty-five plus one," on a sign that they made to send their support from miles away. State workers standing on the picket line say that this act shows them that their voices are being heard and that educators need to stand together.

"For us, it means that even though they are hundreds of miles away and state lines between, that they're here for us. We're all educators, we're all in this together and we all want to make sure that we're all taken care of" says the local president for the American Federation of Teachers for Lewis County Aaron Radcliff.

The pizza was delivered to various spots in Weston and Jane Lew, and one teacher says that it's amazing that students and teachers from another state realize and understand the importance of their actions and that these Florida teachers felt the need to show support from so far away.

"I just think it's amazing that students down in Florida actually support our cause and that they are understanding and realize the importance of what we're doing here in West Virginia" says Social Studies Teacher at Robert Bland Middle School.