Flu epidemic still on the rise in 42 states

Photo: Pixabay

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- The flu epidemic has hit 42 states, including West Virginia and it seems like the spread won't let up anytime soon.

The Centers for Disease Control reports there have been more flu deaths and record hospitalizations since flu season started back in October. They have also confirmed 53 deaths among children. Health experts say there's also more cases of hospitalization and deaths among the elderly, making it a difficult season.

5 News spoke to students in the area and asked if they have seen a lower number of students attending class due to this epidemic. One student says he's been lucky he hasn't been affected by the flu but his classmates have.

"Some of my classes have reduced amounts of students, I say like 10% to 20% in some classes and in some extreme cases 30%. It has hit us pretty hard," said Lincoln Opyake, a university student.

Adults in the area have also been affected by the epidemic in some way. One local says he did not get the flu but it has affected his job.

"It's not as bad as other places," said Joshua Rolen. "It has affected it but not as bad. My job is pretty good making sure that the gaps get filled. "