Flu season may be slowing

(CNN) -- The grip of the flu season appears to be weakening.

The CDC says for the first time this season, the number of people going to the doctor for flu-like symptoms is down.

But the CDC cautions the flu is still widespread, with half the country experiencing high activity.

For the week ending February 17th, flu activity remained elevated in most states.

Five states: Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin, reported moderate activity of flu-like illness.

Three states: Florida, Idaho, and Washington, experienced low activity.

Three other states: Maine, Montana, and North Dakota, showed only minimal activity.

But high activity of flu-like illness continued in the remaining 39 states from coast to coast.

To protect yourself against the flu, get the flu shot. Try to avoid contact with sick people, and wash your hands with soap and water often.

Experts expect the flu season to continue through March.