Flu shot only 10% effective this season, why you should still get it:

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - This year the flu shot has faced claims of only having a 10-percent efficiency rate.

Reports of the low efficiency have parents and locals concerned about their health. Many are even wondering whether they should get the vaccine.

As of Friday, the state had given out almost 60,000 doses of the flu vaccine to over 400 providers in the state. Anyone over the age of six months can receive a flu shot.

UHC's Doctor Mark Povroznick said, "Even though H3N2 appears to be a predominant strain in circulation, with a low percentage of activity, the vaccine is still highly recommended. Even a small percentage of effectiveness can prevent death and serious illness. So the CDC still recommends that all children 6 month of age and older receive the vaccine."

While 10-percent may not seem like it's worth the trouble to get vaccinated, the CDC and local doctors highly recommend that you take the time to protect yourself.