Football season returns to the Mountain State

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - Crowded stadiums full of cheering fans wearing the colors of their favorite teams is back.

Football players will suit up as early as this friday for local high schools, and the mountaineers will begin their season this sunday at FedEx field.

"These guys are idols to the kids when they're younger," said Lakin Walker. "When they see the WVU players out and about, the little kids act like that's their little superstar, those are their heroes."

Walker, a little league football coach, is one of the many in our area that is excited for the season to finally begin.

"West Virginia University football is one of the biggest programs in the state," Walker said. "The whole state follows them along with Marshall."

Nearby businesses are stocking up on local team's merchandise for their dedicated fans. 5 News spoke to people who said football brings people together, from tailgates to watch parties.

"I love it," Walker said. "It's so busy coaching the kids and things, but the months leading up to it is so exciting because we all get back together."

Make sure to cheer on your local high school teams and the Mountaineers this week, best of luck with their upcoming seasons.