Former drug addict inspires others to get clean

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "I think that it was present from the first time I ingested anything," said Dower.

And that is when Dower was hooked. When he reached his twenties he was involved in two cars accidents within six months. After being prescribed narcotics, this is when his downfall began.

"I would go through a 30 day prescription in a few days," said Dower.

Eventually he was introduced to heroin.

"I was selling drugs, not just using drugs. I ventured out on a very cold January morning to a guys house that I sold drugs to and I didn't make it into his house. I fell asleep outside in the snow and woke up several hours later and I didn't really have any place to go," said Dower.

That is when he received a wake up call and decided to make a change by enrolling in a 28-day recovery program.

"For me I followed up with continued counseling once I was out of a 28 day program. My saving grace for me is that I went to a 12 step meetings and individuals who live in recovery showed me how to live a new way of life and I got a sponsor and a home group. A home group is like a meeting you go to on a regular basis where you feel at home and the individuals get to know you and you know them," said Dower.

Now after nearly six years of being clean, he is hoping others will be inspired.

"It's a blessing to me to be able to give somebody a second chance because somebody gave me a second chance," said Dower.

Dower hopes his success story will help those who are struggling.

"I destroyed every relationship, had no job, had no place to live, woke up in the snow, and today I have a 70 hour a week job, I own my own house, I have my own car, I have a beautiful 15-month-old son, I'm married, there isn't a bigger turnaround story when it comes to addiction then what I've experienced in the last six years," said Dower.

Dower is currently the Manager of Operations for Ascension Recovery and the Sober Living House in Morgantown.

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