Former neighbors react to news of Lena Lunsford's arrest

Merged image of Aliayah Lunsford missing photo and outside of Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

BENDALE, W. Va. (WDTV) -- For years now, all many in the small Lewis County town of Bendale have wanted, was answers. They want to know where Aliayah Lunsford is, and whether or not anyone would be held responsible for her disappearance.

The announcement of the arrest of Lena Lunsford, Aaliayah's mother, is bittersweet for some. Many have hoped she was alive and out there somewhere; but they say the fact that someone is being charged with being responsible for Aliayah's death, at least represents progress in the case. Some aren't surprised at who that someone is.

"It doesn't shock me. We've always, a lot of people have always felt that that's where the answer, you know, did lay with this whole mystery. I hope that we do get some resolution to it, I certainly feel like after this many years it does have to be reconciled," said Linda Carr, who lives right next door to the family's former home.

"I'm glad, I mean justice needs to be served. And I wish we could find the little girl, but everybody always thinks it's the mom, so I'm happy," said neighbor Michelle Hefner.

There's still plenty of questions. Some of those may be answered during a press conference, Friday at 11 a.m. That press conference will be streamed live on the WDTV 5 News Facebook page.