Frost possible tonight for many in our region!

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) -- From Meteorologist Timothy Albertson...

Frost development is looking possible for tonight, especially in our northern counties and in the high elevation counties.

Temperatures this afternoon have been in the 50s for the most part, and once the sun sets, most - if not all - of the clouds in our area will quickly dissipate. This will allow heat to escape quickly from the ground, which in turn will make our temperatures drop fairly fast.

I am expecting that tonight's air temperatures in Clarksburg will reach 36°. These temperatures, combined with the calm winds, create a favorable environment for frost development.

In Meteorology, the temperature we forecast is measured at 2-meters (6 feet) above ground level. The cooler the air, the more it "sinks" down to the surface. So long as the winds are calm, this prevents "mixing" (warm air being brought down to the ground), and thus the temperature right at ground level may reach 32° or lower. This is why frost can develop even though the *air* temperature is 36°.

Your forecast for tonight in Clarksburg...

OVERNIGHT: Areas of frost possible towards sunrise. Otherwise; partly cloudy skies during the early evening will give way to clear skies during the late evening and overnight. Lows around 36°. West winds at 5-15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph possible during the early evening, becoming calm during the late evening and overnight.

Other towns in our region...

BUCKHANNON, WV: 35° - Clear
ELKINS, WV: 33° - Clear
FAIRMONT, WV: 35° - Clear
KINGWOOD, WV: 35° - Clear
MCHENRY, MD: 29° - Clear
MORGANTOWN, WV: 37° - Clear
PARSONS, WV: 33° - Clear

A Frost Advisory is in effect for our entire area through Sunday Morning.