GM looking to sell car with no steering wheel or brake

(CBS) -- Something is missing, and it's a sneak peak of what the future may look like.

A self-driving smart car without a steering wheel or even a brake pedal. General Motors says its ready to start building them now.

"When you start taking away fundamental controls like the gas pedal, the brakes and the steering wheel, it does really make the prospect of autonomous driving all the more real," says Ed Loh from Motor Trend.

To get this self-driving car on the road by 2019, GM announced this morning its filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking the government to waive federal standards pertaining to human-driven cars.

Self-driving cars and even a self-flying volocopter were big players at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Electric car maker Byton sees the car of the future as a mobile lounge-a bit of a movie theater on wheels.

But a new survey out this morning by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety found Americans may not be quite ready to let go of the wheel.

"We frankly were surprised with how concerned the American public is," says Advocates President Cathy Chase.

64% expressed concern about sharing the roads with driverless cars, and a full 75% are not comfortable with disconnecting vehicle equipment like that steering wheel.

'They have had it the entire history of the car. So taking away such an essential component of a car is a seismic shift," Chase says.

GM says if it gets government approval, it can start testing these cars in at least seven states and plans to work with others to get waivers from existing laws-for example, laws that require a hand on the steering wheel or an airbag in the steering wheel.

If you don't have a wheel, that airbag will go somewhere, but not its usual place.