Is over-the-counter birth control a possibility?

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- The Maryland General Assembly recently approved legislation allowing pharmacists to supply women with oral contraceptives without a doctor’s prescription.Under the plan, women would meet with a pharmacist and fill out a form about medical history... And discuss different kinds of birth control.

In many cases, after that meeting women would get their birth control on the same day. Experts say that it is effective and most importantly, safe.

"It’s not over the counter, it’s not like tylenol, you don’t just pick it up and buy, you still need to talk to someone because we want to review and make sure this is a safe product for you to use. Women’s lives are busy and physician offices are busy so to break down that barrier so there’s not an interruption in care when it’s needed," said Katy Pincus, assistant professor, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

It’s important to note, women still need to see their doctor for other routine testing or family planning services.

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