Getting prepared for winter

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- The temperatures are lowering, sometimes reaching all the way to the 20's, so it only means one thing: we're getting pretty close to winter.

The weather forecast indicates that the weather will be mild and wet, similar to last year, but experts say it's time to start preparing before snow starts to fall.

Some locals already took the initiative and started getting their essentials.

"I try and buy a pack of fuzzy socks for the winter and at least a new jacket every winter," said Rebecca Lynne Gray.

"Go shopping for groceries before big snowfalls come and get things that I'm going to need possibly," said Haylee Hickman. "Just some of it is emergency stuff just in case but most of the time is just simple things that won't expire."

To prepare for you home, experts say you must have enough food to last for 72 hours and have similar items for your vehicle, such as flashlight, water, snacks just like granola bars, a blanket and most importantly a first aid kit.

"I have an emergency pack in my car which has an extra set of clothing, it's got a first aid kit in it, it's got some snacks as well in case I get locked in my car on the free way or something," said Gray.

We spoke to firefighters, who say to be very careful when it comes to homes in the winter.

They say chimneys should be properly cleaned before being used.

If your home has a gas furnace, fluids should be put properly, if not it can release carbon monoxide.