Gilmer County's only grocery store struggles to stock shelves

GLENVILLE, W.Va. (WDTV)- The only grocery store in Gilmer County is struggling to stock its shelves, leaving many of you frustrated and worried.

"We don't know when we go to the store whether we're going to be able to get a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread," said Linda Fisher-Brannon.

Fisher-Brannon isn't the only person who wants answers. As she's watched the store shelves become emptier her mind has gotten more full of worries, especially for her senior friends.

"A lot of them cannot travel out of the county," she said. "Some of them depend on other transportation."

"This was a major concern that I had not just for my family, but for all the seniors," added Judy Cole.

There are some smaller stores close by that aren't specifically grocery stores, but for a community Cole believes has so much, why not easy access to food? She worries the lack of selection will affect her family's diet and it's already affected her wallet.

"Some of the things that they had were just priced so high that on a limited income, fixed income, I just left with vegetables," Cole said. "I had canned goods, but I didn't have actual meat so it's a major, major concern. And I saw other seniors in there leaving with nothing as well."

This all isn't lost on Foodland's owners. The vice president of Facemire Foods Inc. says big businesses like Walmart and Kroger are killing independent companies. Vice President Corey Facemire says they've been working on logistical and inventory issues. He hopes a truckload coming Tuesday morning will be the beginning of more consistent truck deliveries.

"We greatly appreciate and value those customers and going forward we're gonna do as best we can to facilitate their needs," Facemire said. "I understand the people in Glenville want to have a local grocery store that they can be proud of and I want to give them a local grocery store that they can be proud of."

Facemire believes the truckload of food Tuesday morning will be the beginning of getting things back to normal.