Gold Star families speak out amidst phone call controversy

(CBS) -- "I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation."

That's President Trump speaking to Natasha De Alencar whose husband, Army Staff Sergeant Mark De Alencar, had just been killed in Afghanistan.

"He's an unbelievable hero and all the people who served with him are saying how incredible he was."

The video was recorded back in April, but De Alencar just released it to the Washington Post as controversy swirls over President Trump's recent calls to Gold Star families.

Florida Congresswoman Fredrica Wilson says during the President's call to the pregnant wife of Army Sergeant La David Johnson, he couldn't remember the fallen soldier's name and said the Sergeant knew what he was getting into.

Johnson's half-sisters say they heard the entire conversation.

"I found it very disrespectful of our President we look up to who is supposed to be a role model for generations to come to actually say that," said Amy Ghent, one of the half-sisters.

Congresswoman Wilson and the White House continue trading barbs. Thursday night, President Trump tweeted Wilson is 'wacky,' saying she lied about the content of the call … while Wilson accused White House Chief of staff John Kelly of calling her a racist term.

A Massachusetts Gold Star family is pleading for the controversy to end.

"We've already gone through enough as it is. They're making this into a contest and it's disgusting," said Sarah Roberge, whose brother was killed in Iraq.

Roberge says President Obama sent her family a letter 8 years ago when her brother was killed in Iraq, although she would have preferred a phone call …

Gen. Kelly has said Presidential phone calls do nothing to lighten the burden when a family loses a loved one.