Gov. Justice plans to provide a miracle for Fairmont Regional Medical Center

Published: Feb. 21, 2020 at 12:17 AM EST
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Governor Jim Justice spent over two hours in a closed-door meeting with community leaders and local elected officials to discuss the Fairmont Regional Medical Center unexpected closing.

The news came as a shock to employees on Feb. 18, and the information is still hard for many to cope with.

"Feeling devastated," said Beth Hawkins, a rehab technician. "I've given 26 years here and it's hard, my life, this is my family," she said.

This family dynamic is one the governor doesn't want to see separated.

"I want to try and save the whole hospital," he said.

"With doctors and nurses that are literally willing to give up their heart and soul to be able to stay here and have this facility work, we've got to figure out how to make this hospital sustainable," Justice said.

When asked about his plan to save the center, the governor did not state his exact outline, but he said he needs a few days to get something together.

"Remember I'm not a politician I'm a business guy. It's right in my wheelhouse, I got it now, I understand it, I see what has to be done."

With a confident statement from the governor, employees were a little more optimistic.

"We are very hopeful that he pulls out a miracle and tries to save us," Hawkins said.

"I hope and pray that I can bring you an outcome that's a lot different from where we stand today," Justice said.

The next chapter for the Fairmont Regional Center, good or bad, employees will remain hand in hand for each other and their patients.

"We'll all stand together, like the family that we are," Hawkins said.

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