UPDATE: Gov. Justice: Meeting with President Trump went "really, really well"

Governor Jim Justice says the meeting between him and President Trump went "really, really well."

Justice says he and Trump met in the Oval Office Tuesday to discuss the Trump-Justice Coal Plan, as well as timber manufacturing.

“Today’s meeting went really, really well," Justice stated in a press release. "The President and I have the same mission and that is to create jobs by the thousands and provide opportunities for our people.

"We discussed the Trump-Justice Coal Plan that will protect our miners, grow additional mining jobs, and save the Pleasants coal-fired power plant. The Trump-Justice Coal Plan could very well provide the opportunity for thousands of miners to go back to work. Also, this plan ensures the nation against a potentially catastrophic terrorist event that would completely cripple the Eastern power grid. While we discussed other issues, our primary focus was the Trump-Justice Coal Plan along with bringing timber (furniture, cabinetry, and flooring) manufacturing to the Mountain State.”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice says he is meeting with President Donald Trump Tuesday to discuss protecting coal miners.

Justice tweeted that he and the president will talk about the Trump-Justice Coal Plan.

The governor announced in August of 2017 that he presented a plan to President Trump calling for $4.5 billion annually in federal funding to power companies that burn steam coal mined in northern and central Appalachia.

The incentive would guarantee that eastern coal would be available to keep the power grid up and operational in the event of any type of emergency shutdown that would impact power plants utilizing natural gas or coal produced in other areas of the country.

Justice says the two will also discuss a timber manufacturing plan that the governor spoke about during his campaign.

"More WV prosperity on the way! #WV," Justice tweeted.

In a separate tweet, Justice pointed out that he used the state plane to visit President Trump because it's authorized to land at Reagan National Airport.