Gov. Justice, Sec. White host press conference on roads

DOT Secretary Byrd White presents the work done to secondary roads between March 16th and April 14th.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Governor Jim Justice and Department of Transportation Secretary Byrd White hosted a press conference Tuesday afternoon regarding state road conditions.

During the press conference, White presented a list of what has been done for secondary roads, including 16,000 tons of patching and related work. He said several steps are being taken before paving the roads to give them longevity.

"There is absolutely no reason at all to go put asphalt on a road that doesn't have good ditches, that doesn't have a good base. It's a waste of money," Byrd said. "What we're doing is trying to get the road prepared, get them ready, get the water off the roads, get the base fixed. Then, we'll go pave it."

Justice said they are still reviewing the lists given by each county of recommended secondary roads to fix. He says they are focused on fixing the roads, even with Roads to Prosperity projects continuing.

"We tried to prioritize what would be the best, and what is the most important to do and do right now," he said.

Smith requested $80 million by the end of June for projects. $60 will come from state funds, and $25 million will come from bonds.

You can view the full press conference below.