Gov. Justice: cut red tape; get flood victims back in homes

Governor Justice is asking the Legislature to make a revision on HB 145 that would speed up the construction process for homes in the disaster relief program.
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CHARLESTON, W. Va. (WDTV)-- Governor Justice is asking the Legislature to make amends to HB 145, which relates to contracts for construction projects that are part of the disaster relief programs.

According to a press release, he's asking the Legislature to consider making a revision to the version of the bill.

The revision would cut through government red tape, which ultimately slows down the construction process for these homes. The release says it also slows down the recovery process for homes included in disaster relief programs.

He says, "I have mandated that our National Guard and General Hoyer get every single person who is still waiting on help from floods of 2016 back in a home and I've mandated that it has to happen as soon as humanly possible. The General and the entire National Guard have truly done an incredible job, but they are being slowed down by red tape outside their control and they need help. This bill would do just that."