Governor Jim Justice holds re-election campaign

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Governor Jim Justice held a re-election campaign at the Marriott in Morgantown October 7th.

Residents filled the hotel's ballroom, dined, and awaited Governor Justice to take the stage.

The Governor started the night with a short speech and a few jokes.

Then opened the room up for questions from attendees.

Some of the things brought up were the conditions of the state's parks and schools, as well as drug and addiction issues.

Preston County resident, Cheryl Stemple was in attendance to show her support of the Governor's re-election, but also to voice her concern about the roads.

"Governor Justice has brought up about the roads in Preston County that definitely need work on them, and they still need work, so we want him to keep plugging on this," said Stemple.

When publicly speaking to Governor Justice, she said that it's our children and grandchildren who are travelling on the "impassable" roads and something has to be done to keep them safe.

Another gentleman spoke about a variety of issues he has seen in state schools.

His speech received an applause, but also upset some of other the attendees who later introduced themselves as school officials.

As the night progressed both negative and positive comments continued to be shared, but Governor Justice tried to keep the atmosphere lively and calm.