Grave of local EMT vandalized

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Facebook posts are showing a trend of local grave sites being vandalized.

Whether it is something like flowers being cut or items being stolen, families are sharing their stories of damages found at loved one's graves.

The Swenskie family just buried their beloved husband, father, and brother Jim Swenskie last Friday. Jim was a thirty year veteran of the Harrison County EMS.

Since the funeral, his family has been dealing with damages done to his resting place. Each time the family has visited something new has been disturbed.

Heads of flowers have been cut off, baskets flipped over and placed on top of the grave, and packaging has been thrown about.

Family members say they're shocked someone would do this to anyone's burial site, let alone someone laid to rest only days before.

"We believe it's disrespectful," said Swenskie's father-in-law Kenny Floyd. "It's disrespectful not only to our loved one here, but to anyone."

Grounds keepers at the Holy Cross Cemetery told 5 News they believe deer are the ones responsible for the damages and that no one has touched the grave site.

While workers are adamant that it was deer, Swenskie's father-in-law says that it's not possible.

"I've been deer hunting for fifty years," said Floyd. "I know what to look for when I'm looking for deer, and I see no signs of deer anywhere around here. There are no tracks, and they leave specific tracks when they step on dirt like this."

No one knows for sure who or what caused these damages to the grave site, but the family says they will monitor the grave in the hopes of catching those responsible.