Gravel Run Road residents desperate for answers

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Residents on Gravel Run Road, outside of Wallace, say they feel neglected by the Division of Highways, as they watch conditions on the road continue to deteriorate.

"If you go more than five miles per hour, you can't control your vehicle," said Rebecca Bunnell, who lives on the road.

The floods in late July eroded the gravel, and left behind sharp rocks and potholes.

"You can't get in and out without sliding, hitting holes, busting your cars up," Bunnell said.

The DOH classifies the road as "third priority," citing the low volume of traffic and few residents who live nearby.

But Bunnell and her family are getting desperate.

She is the primary caretaker for her two sisters, one of whom has bone cancer and the other relies on oxygen.

"They have nurses that come in," Bunnell said. "I can't get the nurses in here very well without them tearing their cars up."

"It's scary, it really is scary," Delphia Hammond, Bunnell's sister. "Because I have to have my oxygen."

A DOH spokesperson told 5 News the road is scheduled for repairs, but that it would have to be graded, not paved as the family had wished.

Meanwhile, the family also wants a culvert removed from a creek near the road, but the spokesperson maintains the creek is on their property, so therefore is their responsibility.